Bagpipe Legends, Fairy Tales, and Folklore

Browsing about today I came across The Piper Came to Our Town: Bagpipe Folklore, Legends, and Fairy Tales. The Amazon listing description is as follows:

The bagpipes have a long and noble history stretching back thousands of years. They have been played across Scotland, Ireland, Continental Europe, and the Middle East, and are found in such diverse places as India and the Americas. “The Piper Came to Our Town: Bagpipe Folklore, Fairy Tales, and Legends” is a collection of over seventy stories, tales, anecdotes, and legends of pipers, running the gamut from the ordinary to the supernatural. You will travel from the battlefields of Africa to faerie caves below the earth, and meet pipers urging troops to victory, fighting off man-eating cows, and even creating new worlds. “The Piper Came to Our Town” will delight fans of bagpipe music, lore, and tradition, as well as anyone who likes a good folk story.

Sounds pretty interesting. The book looks like it was recently published, but when I checked Amazon hoping to order, found it presently out of stock. Hopefully will be available again soon! The author, Joanne Asala, has written quite a few other books involving folklore.

Fortunately, there’s a blog! Bagpipe Folklore, Fairy Tales, and Legends has additionally information regarding the book and lots of information regarding bagpipes.

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  • Thanks so much for the post about “The Piper Came to Our Town” and the links to the blog! The book just came out this week. Although the Amazon link says it is “temporarily out of stock,” orders have been going through–I think it’s just some glitch they have with new titles.

    Thanks again for the link, I’ll be linking back to your site as well.



  • admin

    Joanne – Glad to hear the book is shipping regardless as I’m very much looking forward to reading it and will have to give ordering it a shot. Best of luck with the book!


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