The Hedgehog, The Jackal, And The Lion

The below tale is taken from RenĂ© Basset’s 1901 Moorish Literature, page 216, and found in the chapter titled ‘Popular Tales of the Berbers’.

The Hedgehog, The Jackal, And The Lion

Once upon a time the jackal went in search of the hedgehog and said to it: “Come along. I know a garden of onions. We will [...]

Jackal and Hedgehog

After a long break from posting, I’m back at collecting the hedgehog lore, among other things.

Jackal and Hedgehog is taken from Jilali El Koudia’s Moroccan Folktales. A second hedgehog tale is also to be found there, titled Wolf and Hedgehog.

Once upon a time a jackal and a hedgehog were good friends. One day they agreed [...]